The Guide to a Satisfying, Joyful, Abundant, Healthy, and Well-Balanced Life

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It's unfortunate that some people still struggle due to a lack of skills and misalignment, which prevents them from realizing their potential. This is where CWH comes in. We provide clear guidance and support to help our clients transform their lives and achieve abundance. Our approach is like putting together puzzle pieces, realigning our clients with their destiny.

We also organize events to raise awareness and motivate our communities to embrace the abundant life that Christ made available to us. As a biblical-based organization, all of our services align with the word of God.

In addition to these events, we offer private consultation services that guide our clients through the entire process of restoring health and abundance in all area of their lives. These services are tailored to each client's specific needs, evaluating all wellness dimensions to determine a customized restoration plan.

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Do you often feel restless or lack peace?

Are you struggling to figure out what's causing this feeling or how to stop it?

Are you experiencing mental distress or struggling to find purpose in your life?

Have you gone through childhood or relationship trauma that's affecting you now?

Do you feel dissatisfied with your current life or suffer from depression?

If any of these questions resonate with you, CWH Consultancy & Coaching is the ultimate solution for your needs!

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Services We Offer

Enjoy your youth

Youth & Adults

This service is available to individuals 13 years and older. It includes a step-by-step restoration of the client's spiritual, mental, and emotional health following evaluation.

Family day

Couple & Family

This program is designed to help couples and families in crisis by guiding them through a personalized health restoration and realignment process.

Corporate buildings

Community & Group

This service is a full inclusive health restoration and realignment retreat journey for small groups and organizations. We organize and facilitate the entire event based on the group's objectives, after evaluation.

Personal statement

My purpose is to serve as a reliable mentor, coaching and assisting others to reach their full potential and live a meaningful life. I value the significance of the process, dedication, and constant personal growth. My objective is to offer guidance to those who aspire to live their best lives, while achieving sustainable success, and building a strong foundation in the word of God.

Education, Certification

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

Capella University, 2022

MAster clinical mental health counselor

Moody Theological Seminary, 2025


Certificate of Wellness counselor

Cornell University, 2023

Rodeline Estime

Christian Counselor & Wellness Coach

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